Another Friendly Matches..

Need to burn some more calories after Hari Raya? How about another friendly matches (yes, you heard it right..) next week? Lets meet at Padang@One Utama on Sunday (23 September 2012) 8.30 am. As usual, parents and friends are invited too!. Lets enjoy the game ok!
Anything, just give coach Isma (013 6282282) a ring anytime 🙂



Friendly Matches

Dear all, training on Sunday 16 September 2012 has been cancelled because Kickabola Football Academy will have friendly matches with Junior Football Club at Padang Awam AU2, Taman Keramat (next to klinik kesihatan AU2 and near Jusco AU2). All trainees are advice to be at the field before 8.30 am. Parents and friends are invited too!. Lets enjoy he game and having fun together, shall we? 🙂


Salam, Ahad ini (16 September 2012), latihan di SK Wangsa Jaya dibatalkan kerana Kickabola Football Academy akan mengadakan perlawanan persahabatan dengan Junior Football Club di Padang Awam AU2, Taman Keramat (bersebelahan klinik kesihatan AU2 dan berdekatan Jusco AU2). Semua para pelatih diminta hadir di padang tersebut sebelum jam 8.30 pagi. Ibu bapa dan rakan-rakan dijemput hadir bagi memeriahkan lagi suasana dan memberi sokongan. Jumpa di sana!



Timing is Crucial..

Being a goalkeeper, timing is very crucial. It might not easy to master but through constant training, nothing is impossible.

Keep practice and have fun!


Goalkeeper Training..


Thinking about being a goalkeeper some day?. Get some insight on how’s the trainings done. If you find it interesting, how about subscribing the whole video for future guidance?.

Have fun!


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Kickabola Football Academy vs Nilai International School

Thank you for those who came for the friendly matches with Nilai International School at Kelab Aman last Thursday. Although we lost the matches (U12  lost 1-2 and U15 lost 1-3), everybody did their best and had a really good fun.
Stay tuned because we’ll be arranging some more friendly matches in the future.
Remember, it’s good to win. However, having fun playing that’s priceless.
Do check some photographs taken during that day ok!.



Please be informed that Mr. Isma Firdaus is no longer using his 019-2906680 line. In case of anything, please contact his other number 013-6282282. Thank you.

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Training Module..


Finally, we are able to compile our training module in a one handsomely designed package. The contents are about the philosophy of our program, guidelines, core skills, drills and so on. However, this is not for everybody to have but our trainees will surely get benefits as this is the invaluable resource for the coaches when they are in action 🙂


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Friendly Matches with Academy ZZ Soccer Junior

On Sunday (15 April 2012), Kickabola Football Academy had  5 and 7 a side friendly matches with Academy ZZ Soccer Junior this  at Padang Permainan Wangsa Budi, Wangsa Melawati, 53300 Kuala Lumpur. Age groups involved were U-9, U-12 and U-16. The games were very competitive and our players had shown a true fighting spirit and did their best to show their capability.

Here are some pictures from that day. Enjoy!